K15,750,000 Power Weekends

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Heading Here.

There’s a cash party on Pragmatic Play Casino games all of September! Join the carnival every weekend in September for a chance to win cash prizes on your favourite games!

Heading Here.

Its’s a supernatural weekend! The gods are everything and you have the chance to win like one this weekend! Play Zeus v Hades- Gods of War, Wisdom of Athena and Gates of Olympus to win daily cash prizes. 

Power Weekend Games

September Power Tournament Prize Table

The total prize money available throughout the promotion is K15,750,000

The promotion is broken into 5 different long weekends (Friday to Sunday)

EVERY promotional day during the promotional weekend, the prize breakdown is as follows

1st PlaceK210,000
2nd Place – 3rd PlaceK105,000
4th Place – 5th PlaceK21,000
6th Place – 10th PlaceK10,500
11th Place – 30th PlaceK2,100
31st Place – 100th PlaceK1,050
101st Place – 200th PlaceK420
201st Place – 2000th PlaceK210

These Promotional Terms & Conditions apply this Pragmatic Play September Power Network Promotion. They should be read alongside our General Website Terms and Conditions. The terms can be accessed here.

September Power Network Promotion Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

• By taking part in this BWIN Zambia Promotion (the “Promotion”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. 
• The “September Power Weekends” daily tournaments are active in this game and run from the 1st of September 2023 at 00:01 CEST to the 1st of October 2023 at 23:59 CEST daily (the “Promotion Term”) on the selected dates. By participating in the Promotion (as defined below), you hereby agree to abide by these terms and conditions.
• Pragmatic Play’s “September Power Weekends” promotion (the “Promotion”) comprises of fifteen (15) daily tournaments (each a “September Power Tournament”) which shall run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Promotion Term.
• The Promotion Term is divided into five (5) weeks, where each week includes three (3) daily September Power Tournaments, which will run from every Friday at 00:01 CEST to every Sunday at 23:59 CEST in the participating games.
• The Promotion is open to residents of Zambia who are 18 and over who have a registered account at BWIN Zambia and who are not self-excluded, including with any National Self-Exclusion scheme. 
• Winners will be required to satisfy any age, ID verification, responsible gambling, or other checks that the Promoter may perform in order to ensure the prizes are administered fairly and responsibly. The winner may be required to provide the Promoter with additional information and documents in order to satisfy such checks. Any failure to provide such information or documents, or to satisfy such checks will result in the winning entrant forfeiting the prize. 
• There is no additional cost to participate in the Promotion.

• A player must join /opt-in to any of the participating games.
• The participating games are located in the following Casino Slots categories:
o “Big Bass Weekend” 01.09.2023 – 03.09.2023
o “Dog House Weekend” 08.09.2023 – 10.09.2023
o “Megaways Weekend” 15.09.2023 – 17.09.2023
o “Sweet Weekend” 22.09.2023 – 24.09.2023
o “Gods Weekend” – 29.09.2023 – 01.10.2023
• In order to be eligible to participate in the Promotion, a player shall be required to play using a real money spin under the following conditions:

o All spins with a minimum bet of K11 (or the equivalent amount in available currencies) in the participating games will be considered eligible for the Promotion (hereinafter a “Qualifying Bet”).
o If the minimum bet amount is unavailable, the minimum bet shall be rounded up to the next higher available bet size in the game.
• A player will receive points based on the total amount of points received based on In-game wins multiplier.
• The higher the total value of the points received by the player for in-game wins multiplier, the higher the player’s score would be.

• Each calendar week within the Promotion’s Term includes three (3) daily September Power Tournaments.
• The leaderboard in the Promotion is ranked in accordance with the score, which is based on the total amount of points received based on the in-game wins multiplier.
• A player will be awarded points if he/she places Qualifying Bets, and the win multiplier (win multiplier is calculated as total win divided by total bet for each round) is equal or greater to the win multiplier values in the table below (for example, a player places a K20 bet on any of the participating games and wins K2000, in this example, the win multiplier of the qualifying bet is 100 (2000/20=100) and the player will receive 500 points).
• The configured win multiplier means the exact number and any higher value up to the next

WinWin Multiplier Points Earned 
Nice Win15X50
Mega Win30X100
Superb Win45X200
Sensational Win60X500

• The prizes will be distributed to players based on the final score displayed on the in-game leaderboard by the end of each September Power Tournament.
• Expected weekly prize pool: K3,150,000 in cash.
• Expected total prize pool: K15,750,000 in cash.
• Prizes will be paid out as per the ‘Prizes’ tab in the participating games or in the table above these Terms and Conditions.
• All amounts are displayed in-game in the Player’s Currency (where “Player’s Currency” means the currency of the territory in which the player is located).
• Prizes in the September Power Tournament may be won by players in the form of cash amount as set out in the September Power Tournament Prize Table above.

• The September Power Tournament rules are built-in the participating games.
• All prizes won during the Promotion Term will be paid out as cash amount prizes with no wagering requirements.
• The September Power Tournament cash prizes are not automatically credited to a player’s account should you win. Please allow up to 72 hours before the cash prize is credited to your account.
• The leaderboard is built into the participating game/s and updates in real-time.
• In the event that two (2) or more players finish any September Power Tournament with the same number of points and in the same leaderboard position, the player who has achieved the score first will receive the higher prize. 

• The Promoter of this Promotion is WAVE DIGITAL ZAMBIA LIMITED, company number 120210022677.
• The Promoter reserves the right to change, end or restrict your access to this or any other Promotion, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
• Pragmatic Play reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel September Power Weekends, including any related terms and conditions, at any time. Any such amendment will not affect players that have opted-in unless the amendment is required to manage/prevent fraud and other unlawful behavior. 
• Where the Promoter suspects that a winning participant is guilty of fraudulent activity, the Promoter reserves the right to suspend and/or remove that participant from the Promotion, and/or suspend the Promotion pending further investigation.
• The Promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.
• The Promoter assumes no responsibility or liability for: (i) communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers utilised in any aspect of this Promotion; (ii) inaccessibility or unavailability of the internet or the website or any combination thereof; or (iii) to the fullest extent allowed by law, any loss or injury resulting from Promotion participation or the acceptance of a prize.
• The Promoter cannot be held responsible for the failure to fulfil the obligations of any third parties involved in this Promotion, although we will always endeavour to minimise the effect to the participant of any such failure.
• The Promotion and these terms and conditions will be governed by Zambian law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Zambia.