The end of season run in is on and as always, we have something for you! 500,000 ZMW in prizes to be won in 5 weeks! Back your favourite team with 10 ZMW & earn a point for each bet to win prizes including iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung A14, shopping vouchers, gift cards and free bets! End the season on a high!

With 10 ZMW or more

For each 10 ZMW bet

When you earn a spot on the EPL Leaderboard

The free bets will be credited to eligible player’s accounts within 48 hours after the end of the promotion

Leaderboard Prizes – Week 5

PositionPlayer IDPointsPrize
128144720212iPhone 14 Pro Max 256
211859212929Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
35277511335Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
42524347175Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
5518067043Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
62147274361Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
724140038991,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
818279937311,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
96692531231,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1017966528001,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
117267124091,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1215824323531,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1327811921071,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
147426317521,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
155054815951,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1621058415311,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
172317281510500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
18899421434500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
192436881343500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
201942721329500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
211988791299500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
221517761226500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
232068261174500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
241693861160500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
2572074997500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
26213941966ZMW 2,000 Free bet
27218094966ZMW 2,000 Free bet
28176353945ZMW 2,000 Free bet
29220667931ZMW 2,000 Free bet
30277657904ZMW 2,000 Free bet
31282080882ZMW 1,000 Free bet
3252773868ZMW 1,000 Free bet
33109261852ZMW 1,000 Free bet
34158394824ZMW 1,000 Free bet
3549650809ZMW 1,000 Free bet
36177389774ZMW 500 Free bet
37154208745ZMW 500 Free bet
38164324713ZMW 500 Free bet
39218536710ZMW 500 Free bet
40157577701ZMW 500 Free bet
41242812697ZMW 500 Free bet
4285108697ZMW 500 Free bet
43182254674ZMW 500 Free bet
44173522654ZMW 500 Free bet
4585959593ZMW 500 Free bet
46154752588ZMW 500 Free bet
47113950562ZMW 500 Free bet
48229420536ZMW 500 Free bet
4949122525ZMW 500 Free bet
50154736523ZMW 500 Free bet
5163879523ZMW 500 Free bet
52176506519ZMW 500 Free bet
53166349513ZMW 500 Free bet
54198928511ZMW 500 Free bet
55167087505ZMW 500 Free bet
56270889503ZMW 500 Free bet
57275354500ZMW 500 Free bet
58250030459ZMW 500 Free bet
59272868437ZMW 500 Free bet
60134144426ZMW 500 Free bet
61284228413ZMW 400 Free bet
62141848410ZMW 400 Free bet
63102257409ZMW 400 Free bet
6463120403ZMW 400 Free bet
65275385400ZMW 400 Free bet
66160041394ZMW 400 Free bet
67266207393ZMW 400 Free bet
68139069388ZMW 400 Free bet
69154236381ZMW 400 Free bet
70283225379ZMW 400 Free bet
71191447335ZMW 300 Free bet
72236979326ZMW 300 Free bet
73120041319ZMW 300 Free bet
74157670314ZMW 300 Free bet
7568345313ZMW 300 Free bet
7675495306ZMW 300 Free bet
77282588297ZMW 300 Free bet
7847610292ZMW 300 Free bet
7952629284ZMW 300 Free bet
80284241274ZMW 300 Free bet
81282059271ZMW 300 Free bet
82168480271ZMW 300 Free bet
83152230270ZMW 300 Free bet
84151690268ZMW 300 Free bet
85160049267ZMW 300 Free bet
8670906263ZMW 300 Free bet
8778805254ZMW 300 Free bet
88279965252ZMW 300 Free bet
89274674250ZMW 300 Free bet
90249685249ZMW 300 Free bet
91194486245ZMW 200 Free bet
92253642237ZMW 200 Free bet
93198168231ZMW 200 Free bet
94246611230ZMW 200 Free bet
95231191227ZMW 200 Free bet
96201399224ZMW 200 Free bet
9761241223ZMW 200 Free bet
98214591218ZMW 200 Free bet
99176591217ZMW 200 Free bet
10065522215ZMW 200 Free bet
10174432210ZMW 200 Free bet
102155525208ZMW 200 Free bet
103194355207ZMW 200 Free bet
10467707206ZMW 200 Free bet
105232996205ZMW 200 Free bet
106161686200ZMW 200 Free bet
107274311200ZMW 200 Free bet
108163806200ZMW 200 Free bet
109178543200ZMW 200 Free bet
110277352196ZMW 200 Free bet
111167979195ZMW 100 Free bet
112258884194ZMW 100 Free bet
113276203194ZMW 100 Free bet
114245477194ZMW 100 Free bet
11549634189ZMW 100 Free bet
116141921184ZMW 100 Free bet
117199275183ZMW 100 Free bet
11889110179ZMW 100 Free bet
119276430176ZMW 100 Free bet
12094893175ZMW 100 Free bet
121198996171ZMW 50 Free bet
122160281170ZMW 50 Free bet
123116816170ZMW 50 Free bet
12470058168ZMW 50 Free bet
125201763164ZMW 50 Free bet
12675266163ZMW 50 Free bet
127281484162ZMW 50 Free bet
12864511161ZMW 50 Free bet
12983074161ZMW 50 Free bet
130285399160ZMW 50 Free bet
131117524157ZMW 50 Free bet
132169390156ZMW 50 Free bet
133179600154ZMW 50 Free bet
134183809151ZMW 50 Free bet
135177363151ZMW 50 Free bet
136173338150ZMW 50 Free bet
137281552145ZMW 50 Free bet
138212974145ZMW 50 Free bet
139244104145ZMW 50 Free bet
140164839142ZMW 50 Free bet
141202232141ZMW 50 Free bet
142253271139ZMW 50 Free bet
143233790136ZMW 50 Free bet
144240321133ZMW 50 Free bet
145200158132ZMW 50 Free bet
146149995130ZMW 50 Free bet
14755650129ZMW 50 Free bet
148203338129ZMW 50 Free bet
149226278126ZMW 50 Free bet
15046160125ZMW 50 Free bet

Leaderboard Prizes – Week 4

PositionPlayer IDPointsPrize
127727127525iPhone 14 Pro Max 256
25277515870Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
3726719874Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
42414007954Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
5518066800Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
62524345842Samsung Galaxy A14 smartphone
725986849031,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
816938641201,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
916004137351,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
109630628581,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1121394124781,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1215839423851,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1324368823751,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
146692523531,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1524742822821,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
1621472722781,000 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
172428122223500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
18720741743500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
192438291679500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
201638061604500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
212145911598500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
221139501581500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
232753851408500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
242180941291500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
25527731276500 ZMW Shopping Gift Card
261600491203ZMW 2,000 Free bet
272068261155ZMW 2,000 Free bet
281773891115ZMW 2,000 Free bet
291785431076ZMW 2,000 Free bet
301827991023ZMW 2,000 Free bet
311499951014ZMW 1,000 Free bet
32194272975ZMW 1,000 Free bet
3346909957ZMW 1,000 Free bet
34257339910ZMW 1,000 Free bet
35234475896ZMW 1,000 Free bet
36152516889ZMW 500 Free bet
37166349887ZMW 500 Free bet
38252906877ZMW 500 Free bet
39253984853ZMW 500 Free bet
40236979840ZMW 500 Free bet
41179665825ZMW 500 Free bet
42223251816ZMW 500 Free bet
4352629790ZMW 500 Free bet
4480153771ZMW 500 Free bet
45232730729ZMW 500 Free bet
46160281724ZMW 500 Free bet
4750548723ZMW 500 Free bet
48151690716ZMW 500 Free bet
49267648711ZMW 500 Free bet
50229467683ZMW 500 Free bet
51102257676ZMW 500 Free bet
52177363659ZMW 500 Free bet
53275689632ZMW 500 Free bet
54155525613ZMW 500 Free bet
5549122601ZMW 500 Free bet
56168818595ZMW 500 Free bet
57112428581ZMW 500 Free bet
5885108563ZMW 500 Free bet
59275874550ZMW 500 Free bet
60277352543ZMW 500 Free bet
61267373515ZMW 400 Free bet
6246820514ZMW 400 Free bet
6387134496ZMW 400 Free bet
64245477496ZMW 400 Free bet
6547610488ZMW 400 Free bet
66229420482ZMW 400 Free bet
67271687456ZMW 400 Free bet
6885959451ZMW 400 Free bet
69169390451ZMW 400 Free bet
70277657449ZMW 400 Free bet
7149650444ZMW 300 Free bet
72176591442ZMW 300 Free bet
73247900435ZMW 300 Free bet
74278119433ZMW 300 Free bet
7589110433ZMW 300 Free bet
76247341426ZMW 300 Free bet
77105647424ZMW 300 Free bet
78276856418ZMW 300 Free bet
7989346414ZMW 300 Free bet
80157670411ZMW 300 Free bet
8193944405ZMW 300 Free bet
82266207393ZMW 300 Free bet
83210584384ZMW 300 Free bet
84198996381ZMW 300 Free bet
85237113380ZMW 300 Free bet
86250030380ZMW 300 Free bet
87275813367ZMW 300 Free bet
88213647364ZMW 300 Free bet
89253926363ZMW 300 Free bet
90166847353ZMW 300 Free bet
91186194351ZMW 200 Free bet
92141848350ZMW 200 Free bet
93171859347ZMW 200 Free bet
94198928346ZMW 200 Free bet
95173522344ZMW 200 Free bet
9663879344ZMW 200 Free bet
97200161343ZMW 200 Free bet
98132913341ZMW 200 Free bet
99198168337ZMW 200 Free bet
10075266326ZMW 200 Free bet
101276671324ZMW 200 Free bet
102118717324ZMW 200 Free bet
103120041322ZMW 200 Free bet
104268703310ZMW 200 Free bet
105118592308ZMW 200 Free bet
106232982307ZMW 200 Free bet
107182254290ZMW 200 Free bet
108152230286ZMW 200 Free bet
109277967279ZMW 200 Free bet
110174971279ZMW 200 Free bet
111238139279ZMW 100 Free bet
112254230276ZMW 100 Free bet
113191646271ZMW 100 Free bet
114207401271ZMW 100 Free bet
11548511270ZMW 100 Free bet
11670906267ZMW 100 Free bet
117279965254ZMW 100 Free bet
118256718252ZMW 100 Free bet
119195416251ZMW 100 Free bet
120150016246ZMW 100 Free bet
121119312243ZMW 50 Free bet
122238328242ZMW 50 Free bet
123124029240ZMW 50 Free bet
124135540233ZMW 50 Free bet
12546961226ZMW 50 Free bet
126151174224ZMW 50 Free bet
127184891223ZMW 50 Free bet
12848626221ZMW 50 Free bet
12947374219ZMW 50 Free bet
130107225218ZMW 50 Free bet
131141332217ZMW 50 Free bet
13250405217ZMW 50 Free bet
133259096214ZMW 50 Free bet
13463120211ZMW 50 Free bet
13589584210ZMW 50 Free bet
136109938209ZMW 50 Free bet
137268536209ZMW 50 Free bet
138274674208ZMW 50 Free bet
13948095208ZMW 50 Free bet
140141921202ZMW 50 Free bet
141272868201ZMW 50 Free bet
14275495197ZMW 50 Free bet
143146145194ZMW 50 Free bet
144205153191ZMW 50 Free bet
145155223185ZMW 50 Free bet
14662569185ZMW 50 Free bet
147190235184ZMW 50 Free bet
14851106184ZMW 50 Free bet
149173338180ZMW 50 Free bet
150164557177ZMW 50 Free bet

Terms & conditions

These Promotional Terms & Conditions apply this EPL Leaderboard Promotion. They should be read alongside our General Website Terms and Conditions. The terms can be accessed here.

EPL Leaderboard Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

  • By taking part in this BWIN Zambia Competition (the “Competition”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  • This Competition is open from 24.04.23 until 28.05.23 and will be divided into five separated weekly leaderbaords. 
  • Each leaderboard will take part as an individual one in the following dates:
    • Leaderboard 1 – From 24th April – 30th April
    • Leaderboard 2 – From 1st May – 7th May
    • Leaderboard 3 – From 8th May – 14th May
    • Leaderboard 4 – From 15th May – 21st May
    • Leaderboard 5 – From 22nd May – 28th May
  • The Competition is open to residents of Zambia who are 18 and over who have a registered account at BWIN Zambia and those residents who make a minimum deposit of 10 ZMW at least once during each of Bwin Zambia’s promotional periods for this Competition and who are not self-excluded, including with any National Self-Exclusion scheme.
  • Employees of the Promoter, any agency or other persons directly or indirectly connected with the Promoter or any such person’s agents or members of their families or households, are not eligible to submit an entry for this Competition or to be nominated.
  • Winners will be required to satisfy any age, ID verification, responsible gambling or other checks that the Promoter may perform in order to ensure the prizes are administered fairly and responsibly. The winner may be required to provide the Promoter with additional information and documents in order to satisfy such checks. Any failure to provide such information or documents, or to satisfy such checks will result in the winning entrant forfeiting the prize.


  • A player gets 1 virtual point for every 10 ZMW in bets made on any sport (pre-match and live only) with real money during the promotional period. Also, a player gets 1 virtual point for each 10 ZMW they win on any sport (pre-match and live only) during the promotional period. The more virtual points a player receives, the greater the chance they have of moving higher up on the leaderboard and winning a prize
  • Cashed-out bets qualify to receive the virtual points
  • Minimum entry to compete for residents is a minimum fee of 10 ZMW which is the equivalent of one virtual point
  • Each week the virtual points for each player will be go down to 0


The Opt-in Terms & Conditions

• ALL PLAYERS MUST OPT-IN TO THE PROMOTION ONCE TO PARTICIPATE according to our Promo registration Terms and Conditions: Players are required to opt-in to a promotion to be eligible to participate in it and players must adhere to the specific Promo registration Terms and Conditions outlined by the website.
• Opting-in to the promotion needs be done once during the promotion period, and they will be included in the promotion only after completing this process
• The opt-in for leaderboard promotions can be completed at any time during the whole promotional period of 5 weeks. For example, if the promotion runs for 3 consecutive days and you opt-in on day 2, you will receive points for ALL 3 days of the promotional period. You have until just before the promotional period ends to opt-in. Payments will not be retroactive to previous leaderboards during the promotional period
• To opt-in, players must input their unique User ID on the main promotions page of the website. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure the User ID they input is correct. An incorrect User ID will mean a player is not registered into the promotion.

• By opting into the promotion, players acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions associated with the promotion.
• We reserve the right to change, modify, or amend the terms and conditions of the promotion at its sole discretion and without prior notice to the players. By participating in the promotion, players acknowledge and accept this possibility.


  • Each week, the leaderboard will have 150 winners who will receive a prize according to the table above
  • Leaderboard winners will be announced on the promotion page within 72 hours from the end of each promotional week and via social media
  • Eligible Players who win will receive prizes accordingly to the table above. The final weekly leaderboard is published each week on the bwin.com.zm website.
  • (the “Prizes”).
  • The top 25 weekly prizes will be available for collection at the company’s offices. Competition winners will collect from Wave Digital Offices on the 2ndFloor of Goldman building, Arcades, Lusaka. Prizes for competition winners outside Lusaka will be delivered through courier services and in selected cases Wave Digital Zambia Limited staff will travel to handover the prizes
  • Winners will be contacted by phone calls  within 72 hours of the winner being announced using the number they registered their account with. The winner will need to respond to the phone call to confirm acceptance of the prize plus confirm their address details that the prize will be sent to (if outside Lusaka), within 24 hours of the date of the phone call
  • It is the participants’ responsibility to ensure that the phone number in their registered bwin account is correct. Failure to respond within 24 hours of contact from the Promoter may result in forfeit of the prize. If the Promoter deems the prize to have been forfeited, another winner may be chosen to receive the prize.
  • The leader board prize winner’s first name(s) will be announced within 72 hours of the end of each leader board promotional period. Any personal information provided by participants shall be treated in accordance with BWIN Zambia’s privacy policy and applicable data protection legislation.
  • The Promoter will use its reasonable efforts to ensure the prize is delivered to the winner within 72 hours from the date of acceptance.
  • If a player wins one of the “free Bets”, this will be credited to their account within 72 hours of the weekly competition closing.


  • The winner will be contacted by us within 72 hours of the prize being won. Participants must ensure all their contact details are up to date on their account. A winner will have 24 hours from announcement date to accept the prize.
  • Unless specified, the prize does not cover costs such as spending money, excursions, attractions, treatments, fuel costs and car hire.
  • We reserve the right to withhold prizes unless proof of eligibility and identity has been confirmed and if such proof is not provided on request, to disqualify the winner from the promotion. No other winner will be chosen in this instance.
  • In the event the same player qualifies for the first prize more than once, we reserve the right to pass the first prize down to the player who wins the second prize in the same round, to promote fairness and diversity.  


  • If a player who receives the free bet is not eligible, the free bet will be cancelled 
  • Bwin reserves the right to cancel the free bet at any time 
  • A free bet must be used in its entirety as a single bet 
  • Bets can include single selections or multiple selections in one bet 
  • If the free bet is placed on a selection that is later voided, the original bonus bet wagered amount will be returned to your account 
  • Bwin reserves the right to cancel the free bet at any time 
  • A free bet must be used in its entirety as a single bet 
  • Bets can include single selections or multiple selections in one bet 
  • If the free bet is placed on a selection that is later voided, the original bonus bet wagered amount will be returned to your account 
  • Any available free bet balance cannot be withdrawn 
  • In case you win using the free bet you will get the net pay out to your real balance 
  • The maximum net pay out from the free bet will be 5,000 ZMW 
  • Each free bet is valid for 3 days after receiving it 
  • These free bets are available on sports betting events only (pre-match & live) 
  • Minimum requirements to use these free bets:
      • 1 Selection
      • Minimum odd per selection: 1 



  • Winning entrants’ first name and county may be published or made available to the public.
  • By entering into this Competition, each entrant agrees that any personal information provided in connection with the Competition may be held and used by the Promoter (and/or its agents and suppliers) in order to administer the promotion and contact winners.
  • We will keep any personal information provided as part of an entry for a period of 3 months after the Promotional Period or in the case of winning entries, for 3 months after the prize has been spent.
  • Entrants and nominees have the right to exercise their rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) by contacting [email protected] We will use all personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the relevant data protection legislation.


  • The Promoter of this Competition is WAVE DIGITAL ZAMBIA LIMITED, company number 120210022677
  • The Promoter reserves the right to change, end or restrict your access to the Competition or any other Competition, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
  • Where the Promoter suspects that a winning participant is guilty of fraudulent activity, the Promoter reserves the right to suspend and/or remove that participant from the Competition, and/or suspend the Competition pending further investigation.
  • The Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.
  • The Promoter assumes no responsibility or liability for: (i) communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers utilised in any aspect of this Competition; (ii) inaccessibility or unavailability of the internet or the website or any combination thereof; or (iii) to the fullest extent allowed by law, any loss or injury resulting from Competition participation or the acceptance of a prize.
  • The Promoter cannot be held responsible for the failure to fulfil the obligations of any third parties involved in this Competition, although we will always endeavour to minimise the effect to the participant of any such failure.
  • The Competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by Zambian law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Zambia.

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