Join the explosive Booming Games Casino Leaderboard to win your share of K40,000 in cash prizes up for grabs! Earn a virtual point for every K10 bet on Booming Games & finish in the top 150 places of the leaderboard to win up to K5000!

From Booming Games

For each 10 ZMW bet placed

From K40,000 ZMW prize pool!

The free bets will be credited to eligible player’s accounts within 48 hours after the end of the promotion

Prizes Spread

1st Place = 5,000 ZMW Cash

2nd Place = 4,000 ZMW Cash

3rd Place = 3,000 ZMW Cash

4th Place = 2,000 ZMW Cash

5th Place = 1,500 ZMW Cash

6th Place-10th Place = 500 ZMW Cash

11th Place-30th Place = 300 ZMW Cash

31st Place-70th Place = 200 ZMW Cash

71st Place-150th Place = 100 ZMW Cash

PositionPlayer IDPointsPrize
16893510,747ZMW 5,000
21646984,116ZMW 4,000
32743123,132ZMW 3,000
4800473,012ZMW 2,000
51620512,913ZMW 1,500
61023252,783ZMW 500
72915662,733ZMW 500
8683452,256ZMW 500
92412732,205ZMW 500
101535202,003ZMW 500
113064051,983ZMW 300
123630431,829ZMW 300
131663941,782ZMW 300
143248331,752ZMW 300
153087071,743ZMW 300
163491711,735ZMW 300
173759321,630ZMW 300
18959811,388ZMW 300
191710531,335ZMW 300
201470031,311ZMW 300
21696711,228ZMW 300
221925781,217ZMW 300
232294531,171ZMW 300
243519621,164ZMW 300
253253731,153ZMW 300
262858361,117ZMW 300
273379521,107ZMW 300
283474041,069ZMW 300
291881031,047ZMW 300
30111930999ZMW 300
31161530997ZMW 200
32150290964ZMW 200
33335296920ZMW 200
34360895897ZMW 200
35238688861ZMW 200
36358736833ZMW 200
37302492827ZMW 200
38119337826ZMW 200
39373369821ZMW 200
40287316820ZMW 200
41372099803ZMW 200
42373736797ZMW 200
43355842793ZMW 200
44329983790ZMW 200
45303126748ZMW 200
4651004731ZMW 200
47266955723ZMW 200
48366709720ZMW 200
49294132655ZMW 200
5051796651ZMW 200
51320486651ZMW 200
52161743623ZMW 200
53119653595ZMW 200
54298940588ZMW 200
55120208579ZMW 200
5653722563ZMW 200
5764046557ZMW 200
5849334550ZMW 200
59154255548ZMW 200
60109569539ZMW 200
6160926538ZMW 200
62283051530ZMW 200
6352868525ZMW 200
64229309513ZMW 200
65335612507ZMW 200
6648002495ZMW 200
67299281485ZMW 200
68206782479ZMW 200
69182529473ZMW 200
70224288464ZMW 200
71241076461ZMW 100
72323324458ZMW 100
7399253448ZMW 100
7455789448ZMW 100
7572938447ZMW 100
76145911445ZMW 100
77361410437ZMW 100
78284674430ZMW 100
79229407428ZMW 100
80326341422ZMW 100
8192911413ZMW 100
82215944409ZMW 100
83371954405ZMW 100
8492396386ZMW 100
85369048384ZMW 100
86294792382ZMW 100
87213778378ZMW 100
88287567376ZMW 100
89138505372ZMW 100
90231925371ZMW 100
91174005369ZMW 100
92356069369ZMW 100
93217957364ZMW 100
94274797364ZMW 100
95264513358ZMW 100
96221820355ZMW 100
97214328348ZMW 100
9897598348ZMW 100
99142695345ZMW 100
100123252343ZMW 100
10167527343ZMW 100
102206585342ZMW 100
103317246340ZMW 100
104311068339ZMW 100
105120248336ZMW 100
106296490332ZMW 100
107348819326ZMW 100
108374575322ZMW 100
109356166322ZMW 100
11087626321ZMW 100
111147713320ZMW 100
112311850320ZMW 100
11395364312ZMW 100
114229317309ZMW 100
115218598307ZMW 100
116257714306ZMW 100
117375654304ZMW 100
11862637299ZMW 100
119353688296ZMW 100
120329147292ZMW 100
121347943289ZMW 100
122353241289ZMW 100
12359754288ZMW 100
124127079282ZMW 100
125279443282ZMW 100
126328112281ZMW 100
127198279279ZMW 100
128352234278ZMW 100
12954121278ZMW 100
130375564266ZMW 100
131166238261ZMW 100
132138838261ZMW 100
133160158261ZMW 100
134327806260ZMW 100
135351829258ZMW 100
136161213258ZMW 100
137331387257ZMW 100
138343411254ZMW 100
139346161253ZMW 100
140317191249ZMW 100
14181435245ZMW 100
142335304245ZMW 100
143153532245ZMW 100
14463804244ZMW 100
14550665241ZMW 100
146372542241ZMW 100
147345370240ZMW 100
148317397239ZMW 100
14973212234ZMW 100
150319561234ZMW 100

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Terms & conditions

These Promotional Terms & Conditions apply to the 40,000 ZMW Booming Games Leaderboard Promotion. They should be read alongside our General Website Terms and Conditions. The terms can be accessed here.

Booming Games Leaderboard Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

• By taking part in this BWIN Zambia Promotion (the “Promotion”) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
• The promotional periods is 28.08.23 (00:01 GMT) – 03.09.23 (23:59 GMT)
• The Promotion is open to residents of Zambia who are 18 and over who have a registered account at BWIN Zambia and who are not self-excluded, including with any National Self-Exclusion scheme.
• Employees of the Promoter, any agency or other persons directly or indirectly connected with the Promoter or any such person’s agents or members of their families or households, are not eligible to submit an entry for this Competition or to be nominated.
• Winners will be required to satisfy any age, ID verification, responsible gambling, or other checks that the Promoter may perform in order to ensure the prizes are administered fairly and responsibly. The winner may be required to provide the Promoter with additional information and documents in order to satisfy such checks. Any failure to provide such information or documents, or to satisfy such checks will result in the winning entrant forfeiting the prize.

• All players with an active account can take part in the promotion.
• Only one prize per player and no one single player can win more than one prize.
• During the promotional period, a player must bet on at least one “promotional game”, to enter the promotion

• The Promotional games are those provided by the game provider Booming Games. For the clarity of the promotion, the participating games are mostly located in the following casino games category:
• Casino -> Slots Tab ->Booming Games K40,000 Leaderboard

• Some Booming Games are also located in other casino tabs – these are also included in the promotion
• The Promotion excludes all other casino games (slots, table games, live casino, instant win and scratchcards) from all other casino games suppliers which are not Booming Games
• A player gets 1 virtual point for every 10 ZMW wagered in the promotional games during the promotional period.
• All points across the promotional period will be added up to determine final position on the leaderboard
• The more virtual points a player receives, the greater chances they have of moving higher up the leaderboard and winning a prize

• The leaderboard will have 150 winners who will receive a prize according to the table above
• Leaderboard winners will be announced on the promotion page within 72 hours from the end of the promotional period
• Eligible Players who win will receive prizes (the “Prizes”) accordingly to the table above.
• The prizes will be credited to the winning players’ accounts within 48 to 72 hours after the promotional period has ended

• Winning entrants’ first name and county may be published or made available to the public.
• By entering this Competition, each entrant agrees that any personal information provided in connection with the Competition may be held and used by the Promoter (and/or its agents and suppliers) in order to administer the promotion and contact winners.

• We will keep any personal information provided as part of an entry for a period of 3 months after the Promotional Period or in the case of winning entries, for 3 months after the prize has been spent.
• Entrants and nominees have the right to exercise their rights (access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition) by contacting [email protected] We will use all personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the relevant data protection legislation.

• The Promoter of this Competition is WAVE DIGITAL ZAMBIA LIMITED, company number 120210022677
• The Promoter reserves the right to change, end or restrict your access to the Competition or any other Competition, if required for legal and/or regulatory reasons.
• Where the Promoter suspects that a winning participant is guilty of fraudulent activity, the Promoter reserves the right to suspend and/or remove that participant from the Competition, and/or suspend the Competition pending further investigation.
• The Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network.
• The Promoter assumes no responsibility or liability for: (i) communications line failure, regardless of cause, with regard to any equipment, systems, networks, lines, satellites, servers, computers or providers utilised in any aspect of this Competition; (ii) inaccessibility or unavailability of the internet or the website or any combination thereof; or (iii) to the fullest extent allowed by law, any loss or injury resulting from Competition participation or the acceptance of a prize.
• The Promoter cannot be held responsible for the failure to fulfil the obligations of any third parties involved in this Competition, although we will always endeavour to minimise the effect to the participant of any such failure.
• The Competition and these terms and conditions will be governed by Zambian law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Zambia.