The ultimate joy of football is winning! And the Big 8 gives you that opportunity daily. 1,000,000 ZMW top prize. 8 fun football questions. bwin free to play game. Every day is a chance to win 1 million for correctly answering 8 football questions.

Click on the Big 8 icon and answer 8 football questions for FREE

Review your answers and confirm or restart and change your answers

Win 1,000,000 ZMW if you get 8 questions correct. Win consolation prizes for 3-7 correct predictions

The free bets will be credited to eligible player’s accounts within 48 hours after the end of the promotion

Terms & conditions

Big 8 – Free to play daily jackpot game



These Promotional Terms & Conditions apply to this bwin Zambia Big 8 Promotion. They should be read alongside our General Website Terms and Conditions. The terms can be accessed here.

Big8 Terms & Conditions



Eligibility: The competition is open to registered participants who meet the specified requirements set forth in the platform’s terms and conditions. 


Prize Structure: The following prizes will be awarded to the winning participants based on their performance: 


a) 8/8 Correct: Prize of ZMW 1,000,000 (One Million Zambian Kwacha). 

b) 7/8 Correct: Cash prize of ZMW 10,000 (Ten Thousand Zambian Kwacha). 

c) 6/8 Correct: 250 free bets to be used on the platform. 

d) 5/8 Correct: 100 free bets to be used on the platform. 

e) 4/8 Correct: 10 free bets to be used on the platform. 

f) 3/8 Correct: 5 free bets to be used on the platform. 


Cash Prizes: Any cash prizes are subject to the standard 15% witholding tax deduction (wht) 


Free Bets: The use of awarded free bets is subject to the standard terms outlined below.  


Verification and Prize Award: Winners of cash prizes must undergo a verification process, as outlined in the prior response regarding the verification of winning entries before the cash prize is awarded. 


General Terms: Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. The competition is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. The platform reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the competition at any time without prior notice, at its sole discretion. 


Disputes and Governing Law: Any disputes arising out of the competition shall be governed by the laws of the relevant jurisdiction, and the decision of the platform’s management shall be considered final. 

Jackpot Prize 

  1. The daily jackpot prize is the value stated in the game round. There is no default jackpot prize. 
  2. Players are expected to be familiar with the jackpot prize when entering the game round.
  3. The bwin daily jackpot prize is awarded to the player who correctly predicts the correct picks in the quiz.
  4. In case of multiple winners, winnings are split among winners, unless a tiebreaker or sudden-death format can be used to determine a sole winner.

Settlement of Quiz Questions  

  1. Data providers such as Opta, LiveScore, ESPN.com, and other sources will be used to determine winners of all prizes.
  2. Goals scored during injury time will be recorded as 45 minutes for the first half and 90 minutes for the second half of the fixture.
  3. Timing of goals scored will be recorded as follows: 0 – 59 seconds = 1st minute, 1m00s – 1m59s = 2nd minute, and so on.
  4. In answer series where the full number implied is not included (e.g., 260-69 or 260-9), the amount shown represents numbers 260-269, as in the examples. The promoter reserves the right to settle any game rounds at its discretion when a manual error has been made.

Free Bets  

  1. Free bets are non-transferable and can only be used by the account holder who received the promotion.
  1. Free bets must be used in their entirety and cannot be split into multiple smaller bets or partially redeemed.
  2. Free bets have no cash value and cannot be withdrawn or exchanged for real money.
  3. Free bets must be used within a specified period, as stated in the promotion details, after which they will expire and become void.
  4. Any winnings resulting from the use of free bets will be credited to the player’s account, excluding the original free bet stake.
  5. Free bets cannot be used on certain bet types or events, as specified in the promotion terms.
  6. The use of free bets is subject to all other terms and conditions and general betting rules of the platform.
  7. We reserve the right to void, cancel or suspend any free bets and related winnings in cases of suspected abuse or breach of the terms and conditions.
  8. In case of any disputes or discrepancies, the decision of the platform’s management shall be considered final.
  9. Each free bet awarded as a prize for The bwin Big 8 expires 7 days after it is awared
  10. Each free bet awarded has a maximum payout of 10,000 ZMW

Please ensure to read and understand the specific terms and conditions of each promotion and competition, as additional rules and restrictions may apply. 

For instructions on how to play the bwin big 8 free sports betting game and also the specific free betting game rules, refer to the free to play betting game itself 

Win 1,000,000 on the Big 8 for Free.

There are jackpots everywhere, but have you played a free daily jackpot with a 1,000,000 ZMW top prize? The bwin Big 8 is just the game for every fan who loves football and quizzes and is looking to win 1,000,000 ZMW with no stake.

bwin Zambia Big 8 is a free to play daily jackpot sports betting game. an exciting quiz-based game that will excite the statistic-loving football fan as well as the fan who simply enjoys the game. If you’re looking to win an exciting daily jackpot for free, play the Big 8 today!

How do you play the Big 8?

The Big 8 is the latest introduction in our family of jackpots. It’s a bwin free sports betting game that has a set of 8 football questions on specific games daily.  The daily jackpot game does not have a stake and any player can take part once every day for free.

Big 8 questions are selected from top matches daily. A player gets the opportunity to answer the 8 questions for a chance to win the top prize of 1,000,000 ZMW cash prize. The free to play sports betting game questions primarily feature different relevant action points in top games.

Players get to answer 8 questions on game-related topics such as, when fouls will be committed, how many corners will be taken, the time at which the first booking will be issued, how many goals will be scored, when tackles will be made, who will score first among other exciting questions.

Why should you play the bwin free to play game?

The Big 8 is the best free betting game in Zambia. Other than being exciting to play, there are several prizes to be won for players who participate.

Once you answer all the Big 8 bwin daily jackpot, you can review and change any response before confirming and submitting your answers. There are 6 prize tiers that include cash prizes and free bets. The big prize is 1,000,000 ZMW cash for getting 8/8 correct answers. Players who get 7 correct answers win 10,000 ZMW cash.

If you get 6/8 answers in the free to play betting game, you will be credited with the 250 ZMW free bet. Players get 100 ZMW, 10 ZMW & 5 ZMW free bets for predicting 5,4 & 3 answers correctly.

You can also view your previous Big 8 daily jackpot results and check how you perform over time. Other than the amazing prizes, it’s a free betting game which allows you to play without any stake.

It’s open to all players with a bwin account. If you have an account, login and answer the Big 8 questions to win. In the event you do not have an account, answer the 8 questions and register an account to submit your answers.

Play on the best daily jackpot in Zambia

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